Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tax Time

So, just got back from getting our taxes done...not too bad...we've done better but we're not greedy!!! I have to look for a bunch of ppwk that I had no idea they would need (regarding my business) so that's what I'll be doing today.

I did want to let you all know that I am having a scarf sale. I took 20% off the original price and I'll pay the shipping!! Take a look...it's not to early to prepare for fall, is it? :)


Well, off to search for paperwork! Good luck with your taxes!!!

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Candy Stick Lane said...

LOL! I had my money in hand on January 20th...hee hee - I had to get a new car - it seems strange for people to be talking about taxes - my coworkers are also doing the paperwork scramble - good luck, im going to check out the scarves now!