Sunday, January 27, 2008

EtsyGreetings FREE Giveaway, Round 3

EtsyGreetings is up to our third round of contests.

What is the prize for this contest you ask...why a set of my Iris Notecards!! That's right.....just go to our EtsyGreetings blog and answer a couple of questions. That's all it takes and your name will be put in the drawing to win a set of four Iris Notecards!!

Good Luck to all who enter!!!!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Happy Anniversary EtsyGreetings!!!

February 14th will be EtsyGreetings 1 year anniversary!!! For those who do not know, EtsyGreetings is a fabulous street team made up of talented cardmakers of all mediums!!

To celebrate our upcoming anniversary, each week we are holding a contest where YOU can win free cards. Last week the prize was a wonderful folded iris card from Beadkiss and this week it is a set of cards from GreenWillow. So, you must stop by our blog and participate each week so you can have a chance to win handmade cards!!

Check us out and see what we're all about at EtsyGreetings.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Saturday Night Special!!!!!

Hello everybody! HAPPY SATURDAY!!

Tonight's special is 15% off ANYTHING in my shop PLUS FREE SHIPPING! WHOA.....can it be??? Yup, it sure can!!

Jewelry, Hand Knits, Dichroic Glass and Photo Notecards!

Just make sure to put SNS in notes to seller and I will send a revised invoice.
Valid until 6 am EST, Sunday, 1/13.

I hope everybody has a wonderful weekend!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Letter Writing

This week, January 8-10, is Universal Letter Writing. This is the perfect opportunity to begin new traditions and write to your friends and family! Let them know that you are thinking of them, you appreciate them and most importantly love them. I would love to share my story of how I use letter writing and why it is so important in my life.

About 6 years ago my mother-in-law went through chemotherapy. As a side effect to the chemo and medication, her short-term memory suffered terribly. Fast forward to last year, she lost her beloved husband of 56 years which progressed her memory loss even more. When my father-in-law passed away, she stayed with us for a couple of months before going out to Colorado to live with her son and his family....we had grown even closer than we already were. After a couple of calls to her in CO, I soon realized that she was not remembering previous calls I had made to her. That is when I decided to stop calling, and begin writing. I write to her, on average, every couple of weeks. I write about what we (my son, husband and I) are up to. I just want to touch base with her, but more importantly, I want her to know that she is always in our thoughts. She can take the letters and place them on her bedside table and she will be able to look at them daily and know that we love her and miss her. It just puts a smile on my face knowing that a piece of us will always be with her.

Perhaps there is an old school friend that you'd like to contact, or family far away that you would like to say "hi" to. Whatever the situation, it's so easy to pick up a pen and write your thoughts down. I LOVE getting cards in the makes me happy to know that somebody was thinking of me enough to write to me.

Where can you find the perfect card for every occasion? Why EtsyGreetings, of course!! We are a 250+ group of talented card makers who sell on Etsy. Visit our blog or type EtsyGreetings in the Etsy search!!

For your reading enjoyment, here are what others have to say about letter writing:

As for me, my most recent photo note card is this beautiful Iris and the Rose is just one of my all time favorites!

Happy writing everybody...I promise you, you will make somebody's day!!!