Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Task At Hand

Is your work area as messy as mine? Well, I'm the type of person that I can't create in an area that is not clean..this holds true for my kitchen too! I can't cook dinner in a messy kitchen so I have to clean it first just to messy it up again! Take a look at my work area and you can tell I haven't been creating very much!

So, the task at hand is to clean, clean, clean and then create, create create (hopefully that's how it will work).


Kim said...

Haha, I like your shop area. :)

Your space looks immaculate compared to mine. Trust me, mine is a lot worse.

I just finished sanding and etching a gourd in mine and now I have dust and fine bits of gourd mixed in with the rest. :)

catboxartstudio said...

I completely relate to what you're saying - I am the exact same way! Right now, things are nice, neat and clean. I'm in the process of messsing things up though....lots of painting going on!

Chaton said...

I'm the same, I cannot work in an untidy environment! I tidied my work room last I'll get creative and mess it up again ;)

D.C. said...

Oh I love seeing people's work spaces! Mine is a disaster! I've finally stopped thinking I have to clean everything up before I start something new. I've become more productive but I've also had to learn to work in a smaller space. My work table seems to be shrinking, I wonder why?!? :)

Very Aquarian said...

I am now motivated to clean my studio/office! I love the color of your walls- I have a very similar shade of green on mine!!