Wednesday, March 21, 2007


this is HUGE....spectacular.....mouth-dropping, I'm not pregnant!!

Today the wonderful Street Team I'm involved with, EtsyGreetings, has begun our 20% off sale!!! How perfect for right before must come by our blog and check out what shops are participating (just click SALE )! Yours truly is a participating shop so come and see what I have in my shop!!

And as if that wasn't enough excitement for one day.....I will begin - on Monday, March 26th, featuring two Etsy artists a week! "What? Are you kidding me", you say? No, I am not kidding you! I so far have 43 artists of different crafting backgrounds to introduce to you and I think you will love them all! Opening ones eyes to Etsy and all that is available is one reason why I created a blog, so this venture is really important to me!

So, check out the EtsyGreetings website AND make sure to visit here often so you can be introduced to some fabulous artists!

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