Sunday, April 15, 2007

Treasuries, Treasuries, Treasuries

So, let me start off by explaining what a Treasury is.....on Etsy there is a section where members can display their favorite pieces of OTHER Etsy members works. I love creating treasuries and helping other Etsy artists get their work recognized! Many items sell from my treasuries and that makes me feel great!!

But, what makes me feel even better is when I'M featured in a treasury and can I tell you that I'm in 3 right now!!! Yes, count them....3!! HAPPY DANCE! It is such a big deal to be in a know that somebody liked your piece enough to showcase it and then all the exposure it will get....well, it's big!

So, of course I must share them with you.....and it's funny 'cause they all include my notecards:

Off to clean the studio...have to begin preparing for the Mother's Day Craft Show I'm doing. Well, that's a whole other story...I'll keep ya posted!

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