Thursday, April 19, 2007

Today's featured artist is....Studio AMF!

The first word that comes to mind when I visit this artist's shop is FUNKY! I should say FUN and FUNKY! She has the coolest jewelry...everything is so unique.

All of the pieces in her shop she makes herself with the exception of the wooden bracelets which are a collaboration between herself and her Grandfather. The hand knit items are made by her Grandmother.

And I just have to show you this Networking Bracelet made out of circuit boards....

How would you describe your shop? Studio AMF is an eclectic mix of styles, techniques, and materials. Working with my hands helps me to know myself and the shop is a direct extension of my personality.The shop also contains a few articles made by my grandparents who are not plugged into the wide world of the web.

How long have you been crafting? I have been crafting and taking art classes since I was a little girl. Throughout my life it is one of the few interests that has been constant and consistent.

Where does your inspiration come from? I have always had a love for jewelry and appreciation for heirlooms. As a child I played dress up with my mother's and grandmother's jewelry and have inherited several of those pieces over the years. They are a definite inspiration. I also wake up in the morning with fresh ideas and take inspiration from my surroundings.

What is your favorite piece? and why? It so hard to choose just one.Right now my favorite piece is the Spirit of St. Louis necklace. It falls just right on the neck is shaped like a plane!

And, I love the wooden rings. The oils in your skin darken them over time. They age with you and that is cool.

How do you spend time when you're not crafting? gardening, yoga, traveling, friends and family

What is the best advice you have received? The best thing for me was not so much advice, but encouragement from the people I respect.

Thank you Studio AMF for being part of my blog! I just love your Etsy shop and I can't stress enough for everybody to visit you at:

In addition to her shop, she has a website

Check them out folks!

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Bella Colle said...

The pictures aren't showing up. But this artist sounds great!