Monday, April 9, 2007

Today's featured artist is....Artandghosts

Today we are going to take a trip into the surreal and this artist's shop is the perfect avenue to travel! Inspired by dreams (including nightmares) she creates pieces that will draw you in and want to see more!

"Most of what I produce is unbidden and unexpected, a continuous joy (and just as often, a terror!) of unconscious unravellings and adventures in picture form."
How would you describe your shop? I would describe my shop as a surreal adventure, a sort of journey through the unconscious of a curious individual! I cannot imagine how other people perceive my work! There are images to suit many moods; dark, frivolous, silly, cute, etc. A bit of a mixed bag:)

How long have you been crafting? I have been making things forever. But mostly my early days were spent creating stories. I used to live on a farm, so I spent many afternoons just walking around the woods and fields there, living out stories I had invented, which later led me onto an interest in narrative and films. I began studying photography in my early twenties (I'm 33 now) and went on to do a degree in fine art. This is when I realised that I could turn the stories inside of my head into images, bringing them to life - it was a wonderful discovery indeed!

Where does your inspiration come from? My inspiration comes mostly from dreams, old folktales, and fairy tales that I recall from childhood. Some of the dreams are pleasant, some are more like nightmares, which is often the way of fairy tales in general. I love metaphor and symbolism too, which are also integral to dreams and old stories. Music is essential for my works too, and my favourite films, particularly Jan Svankmajer, David Lynch and the Brothers Quay!

What is your favorite piece? my favourite piece is 'Love is a rose' . It represents so much that is important to me. The image represents hope, self acceptance and love. Not so much a romantic love as a deep understanding of the self. The rose is a symbol of purity and innocence here, which I think can be attained no matter what life has thrown at us. I have suffered a number of traumatic experiences, and these experiences have taught me how important such things really are. The child represents belief and new beginnings, and a secret joy that no one can ever steal.

How do you spend time when you're not crafting? when I am not crafting I am reading, completing college work, seeing friends or relaxing with a nice cup of tea, a good film and my beautiful cat, Mirlo:)
What is the best advice you have received? and from whom? The best advice I have ever received was from my mother! An extremely wise and perceptive woman who has a habit of proclaiming herself unintelligent! She has always supported what I do, no matter what, and has stood by me 100%. Her greatest advice to me was simply to be myself, to follow my dreams. Another simple but priceless gem of hers is 'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger'. I am a living example that this is quite true!

Final comments? I would love my work to somehow illustrate all that is written above, particularly concerning the power of our imagination as an aid to overcoming adversity: To truly believe in ourselves and what we do (be it art or anything else) is a very special gift, and so often quite difficult to attain. To perceive a light in the darkness, beauty beyond the negative, evil aspects of existence is within us all, I often try to convey that in my work. Fairy tales are rarely 100% pretty, and neither is life! But we do have the ability to reinvent goodness, hope and beauty within.

Thank you so much Artandghosts for participating on my blog! You are truly inspiring!

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Caroline said...

Artandghosts is one of my etsy favorites - it was great to learn a bit more about her in this feature! Thank you!

artandghosts said...

thanks so much for the feature!
and also to you, caroline:)