Thursday, July 10, 2008

Our New Tomato Garden!!

I don't typically talk about personal things here on my blog...but I am so excited about our new tomato garden that I just must show you!

It all started MONTHS ago when my husband delivered 18-20 tons of dirt (he works for a sand & gravel place and he got it for FREE). I have never shoveled so much dirt in my life (I should have taken a picture of it....schucks).

This dirt has been placed all over our yard...we've made a bunch of flower gardens and the final project was our tomato garden. My husband potted about 30 or more tomato plants and they needed a place to go. We used wood and stones from an old tobacoo barn...and voila!

I can't wait to eat these tomatoes.....sauce, salsa, kebobs, grilled,'s endless!!


Ronalyn said...

Oh you lucky girl!! What a wonderful tomato garden. I've got two measly tomato plants that have given me a total of three tomatoes. I envy you.

Confections said...

Your tomato garden looks beautiful. I can just imagine it with lots of ripening tomatoes at the end of the summer. Enjoy!

katydiddy said...

Oh man! I wish we could have a tomato garden. We grew them for years, but then critters started coming to visit (& I mean really unwanted ones)and were eating them! If you want a great appetizer recipe for them, let me know!

GrayEyedScorpio said...

Looks like a beautiful (and I hope bountiful) garden!
Our first tomato is nearly ripe and it's sooo hard for my son to leave it on the vine!