Monday, July 28, 2008

My First Giveaway Contest!!

As I've posted here before, two Etsy Street Teams, JET and EtsyGreetings, have collaborated for the month of July with a Business Buddy program.

My Business Buddy has been Tammy of ArtMadeByTammy. What started as two strangers working together to promote each other's businesses, has turned into a friendship that I know will continue even after this program. What better way to end this wonderful promotion then by having a fabulous Giveaway....and my first one at that to boot!

Here's how to enter:

1) Check out Tammy's shop at Art Made By Tammy

2) Check out my shop at The Eclectic Studio

3) Pick out an item from each shop that you feel would make a great match

4) Come back here and tell me which two items you chose

And what will the winner receive? A set of 6 note cards from me. Pick any images that you like....all the same image or mix and match.

This Giveaway begins today and will end on Friday, August 1st. All comments will be pooled together and a winner will be chosen.

Thanks for playing!!!!

UPDATE....Tammy has announced that she will throw in a pair of earrings.
A 6 pk of notecards and a pair of earrings.....can't beat that!


Desirai said...

These make a match for me:

Made By Tammy said...

Thank you so much for promoting my Shop. I will sweeten the deal by throwing in a pair of *FREE* earrings!!

This collaboration of two teams coming together to form the Business Buddy Program has been Amazing!! I do have the most Fantastic Business Buddy, Sandy!!

I agree with you...our friendship will continue even after this program!!

CraftyDragon said...

What a great giveaway! I think these go great together:

You can contact me through Etsy - I'm dragon06.

Adore By Nat said...

These owls will be a great match:

Kathyy's Krafts said...

I think these would look good together.

PinStripe Dichroic Pendant


Vintage Victorian Heart Earrings in Turquoise

artfulwhimsies said...

what a great giveaway!!!! i think the eastern bluebird notecards and the blue milk glass earrings would make a great pair. the blues are so pretty~

Sarah McBride said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I am so glad I have found yours!

Willow S. Hoaglund said...

Wow! It's so fun to try this... I love it, just love it! I have a thing for flowers...(my daughters name is Calla!) So, I really like this match up. One that would(I have more than one) look sweet together is the purple lamp work tulips with copper
and the Iris note card set
Or, how about thowing in the Purple Square baby blanket too... That would make an awesome new mommy pack...

Jackie said...

I think these two match perfectly :) They go hand in hand in my created the other :)
"the camera and the image"

tattytiara said...

Great giveaway, and you both have lovely shops!

stephjacobson said...

I like this card--
With these earrings--

Nenuny's Spot said...

These two items are a great match. They compliment each other if they were given as a gift together.

From ArtMadeByTammy:
- Vintage Style Frosted Glass Flower Bar Earrings

From TheEclecticstudio:
- Hands of Time Notecards

I have my fingers cross ^_^

kim* said...

That is way pretty :) good luck everyone!

Crafty Ladies said...

Art By Tammy



What a great match. A beautiful necklace w/a set of cards.

missknits said...

wow really hard to choose because so many lovely things in both shops! but i pick

what a great contest!!

Beadsme said...

This is my match

serahs said...

Thanks for having the giveaway! I think these two would be a great match...

Silver Canyons said...

What a great contest !
I like this combination..varying hues of purple

Tiffany Johnson said...

Hey there! I'm a fellow Etsy Greetings gal! I really dig the Fancy Engraved Vintage Teardrop earrings paired with the Italian Door Notecards! I think the pair would make me feel like a countess from another life! Great shops BTW :)

Nicole Solo said...

ooh fun giveaway! my faves are these earrings from Tammy and this pendant from eclecticstudio!

NYPapercrafter said...

Hi - I think the Eastern Bluebird notecards and the feather and the flower on blue necklace make a nice pair.