Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Caterpillars....in my garden...eating my

Marigolds!! UGH!!!! They are so cool looking, and I cannot possible kill them....here are the last two to visit:

They are so different, right? I've been sitting here for the past hour Googling them but do you know how many caterpillars there are in this world. OMG!!!! I've tried everything "white fluffy Caterpillar" "black spiky Caterpillar" "Caterpillar with red dots".

I will have to look more tonight.....if anybody knows, please feel free to share with me!



Art by Sophie said...

oh my! how cool do they look! something has been eating my mint plant, i'm yet to find the culprit!!


Janvangogh said...

The first one looks like a wooly catepillar. I googled spikey catepillar for the other one and didnt find anything more info other than spikey catepillar. If you have alot of them, I would look back at the kind of butterflies you had. Maybe a search for the different butterflies will produce something.