Sunday, October 21, 2007

What am I up to?

Well, things have been busy....I have a show coming up on the 27th! I realized this weekend that the 27th is next Saturday and I just looked at my husband and said "I'M LATE". I have to get my booth "stuff" together and not to mention....make some more wonderful creations! But, it will all come always does, right?

This is my latest photo and listing on Etsy. I was quite pleased with this picture of a Great Horned Owl. Such a beautiful creature!

Also, this is something that I am so, so proud first felted creation. I knit this scarflette the other day and today the magic happened.....I felted it!

Now, I know the pin doesn't look like it matches but, trust me, it does! Perfectly!! Blue, purple, gray and about 4 different shades of green make this yarn so incredibly pretty.

Okay, off to do some beading...and laundry...throw in cooking dinner and it will be multitasking at its best !

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Barbra said...

Just found you! Your shop is great and I love your photo cards. I'm also new to felting. Needed a change. I'm also a transplanted NYer in South Carolina.