Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday Treasure!

I consider myself a pretty crafty person. Jewelry, photography, glass and knitting are my specialties...so when I purchased my sewing machine a couple of years ago I thought "no sweat". I daydreamed about all the handbags, pillows, etc. I would be designing. I even bought books to guide me with designs. So, why is my sewing machine sitting on my bench collecting dust you ask? Because I couldn't even thread the sucker. I was/am a complete lost cause!!

However, Fashion Designer Mary Anne Lagana is not! Her style is fun, colorful and one of a kind. Her specialty is designing beautiful coats (great for this time of the year may I add). This one is my favorite. I love the animal print with the orange accent....very mod and fresh.

But, she doesn't only design coats. She has apparel for girls and women alike. Sweatshirts, long sleeve shirts, yoga tanks and skirts. They all display her creativity with mixing and matching vintage and textured fabrics. This cupcake sweatshirt is a perfect example - how cute!! Any young girl would think this is the best top ever.

And look at the pointed edge on this skirt...so flirty!

Stop by Mary Anne's Etsy shop and let her make a unique one-of-a-kind piece of clothing for you!

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