Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Okay, it's official...I've begun networking

I recently joined a great Yahoo group called Unique Women in Business.

We consist of a group of women who have started our own business whether it is handmade, direct sales, or even a boutique. We are supporting each other by purchasing products from each other all around the US.

Are you a woman with your own company? If you offer UNIQUE items, whether it be direct sales, online website, art, hand made items, baby items, jewelry, or if you just love to shop online for unique items then this is the group for you.

Upon joining you will need to make a purchase from the person who referred you to the group (which is me), then you will be free to advertise your company and promote your items and a photo album will be created allowing you to download pics for shoppers to see. No minimun purchase just as long as it is something you want!!! Then you will have to make a monthly purchase to stay active in the group, does not matter who you purchase from as long as you make a purchase!!

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