Monday, July 9, 2007

Today's featured artist is MarmeeCraft!

I'm in a good mood today! I'm knitting, I cleaned my jewelry bench, I've broken my 5 wk dry spell on Etsy......and now I'm looking at this most fun, cute, whimsical shop called Marmee Craft! Bright, colorful and delightful all come to mind when I see items like these:

"All of my little lovelies are handmade with much love and attention"

How would you describe your shop? A whimsical storehouse for 21st century Victorians. There you shall encounter circus girls, dapper bunnies, felted fauna, and much wonderment for the eyes and soul!
How long have you been crafting? I have been doing crafty-good things for as long as I can remember. One of my earliest memories is having drawing sessions with my Dad. He would draw me, then I would draw him…..he always drew me so much better!!
Where does your inspiration come from? I am inspired by so many things: Nature, Victorian fashion and culture, My Husband and two sweet cats, Russian Animation (specifically Yuriy Norshteyn), Great Films, anything whimsical and existentially thoughtful (and both together are even better!)
What is your favorite piece? This is very hard, as I love all my little lovelies! If I had to choose one work that I am currently most in love with it would be my little Newsprint Bunny. I love the way he emerged from the newsprint covered canvas, even when I had specific designs for making that particular canvas into something entirely different…this little guy was in there and he made himself known!!
How do you spend time when you're not crafting? When I am not working on my little whimsy factory I spend my time sewing reproduction 18th and 19th century ladies attire, watching movies, baking, sewing (oops, I already said that!), and, of course, spending time with my darling husband and our two sweet cats.
What is the best advice you have received? I think the best advice I have received is to live life to the fullest and not wait until tomorrow to do anything that you feel is important is too short and precious to spend it waiting around for something you want! And as for who gave me this advice, I would have to go through an astoundingly long list of philosophers, artists, writers, filmmakers and other wise souls to give proper credit!
Final comments? Thank You ever so much for featuring my little shop!! I love to be able to share my picture of the world with you! You can read more about my work and whimsy world at my blog:

Thank you for participating. You have a wonderful shop and I urge everybody to stop by and take a peek at Marmee won't be disappointed!!

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Lola said...

Wow, what a wonderful interview! i love that shop and its always great to learn more about the artists that create such beautiful work!