Friday, October 3, 2008

Autumn is in the air!!

Summer is my least favorite's hot and sticky and sweaty, high electric bills (due to it being hot and sticky so much so that I can't even sit on my couch w/o sticking to it if the AC isn't on), sand all throughout my car, children home from school for 2 months (not just my own child...but all the neighborhood kids) which leads to arguments, fights, me yelling.

Winter is my 2nd least favorite month. It's just too darn cold....can't put the heat on 75 all the time because we can just bundle up to save on the electric bill (so my husband thinks), stuck in my cold house 'cause of ice storms, school closings. The only part of Winter I like is Christmas. I get SO excited wrapping gifts, putting them under the tree after my son falls asleep and then watching him see the presents for the first time is just magical.

Autumn......right in the middle. Fresh brisk air..not too windows can be open and the air can penetrate my senses! The colors of autumn are soothing and comforting, Autumn is when I begin making my homemade chicken soup & pumpkin pies & cream of wheat. There's Halloween, Thanksgiving....and, Autumn is when I begin my Christmas shopping in preparation for my favorite holiday.

My favorite season? Spring! But I'll wait until Spring comes to tell you why I love this season so.


melroska said...

i think i prefer autumn to spring, but i agree with you, winter and summer are the pits!

Debbie Gootter said...

Summer is especially bad here in AZ- winter is okay and spring and autumn last for about 2 weeks!

Kala Pohl Studio said...

Living in Florida, I am with you all the way about loving Autumn:)For the first time today, I left my windows open. I love Spring too.