Monday, September 15, 2008

Networking.....hmmm......does it work?

So, a few months ago I decided to give this whole networking thing a try. I joined a Yahoo group, started twittering (or is it tweeting?), blogging on a more consistent basis here and on MySpace...even have done some bulletins on Myspace (never had done that before), joined IndiePublic, joined Start up, posted my shop to Linkreferral and today I opened a booth on Bonanzle. That's alot, right? Oh, and I've been listing new items in my shop on a more consistent basis too.

Do you know how much time goes into networking, advertising, marketing....whatever you prefer to call it??? TOO MUCH! Oh my lord, I can spend the entire day just on the computer updating, informing, advising.....before you know it, my son is home from school and I feel like I've gotten absolutely nothing accomplished.

How successful will all this time on the computer be? This is what I ask myself on a daily basis. Now, I must add that my views and "hearts" have seriously increased..but no sales. I am hopeful that they will come back and purchase for the holiday season.

Honestly, the funny thing is that I started all this networking hoping to make sales, but the reality is that I have made alot of friends. Especially in my Yahoo Group, Unique Women in Business. Such a fun bunch of ladies who sell so many different things. We've really grown very close, sharing things about each other and really uniting. Ugh, that reminds me.....we're doing a weight loss challenge and I have to weigh in tomorrow morning. ICK!

So, here is where you can find, follow, visit me:

Twitter: eclecticstudio
Unique Women In Business: (if you decide to join, tell them Sandy sent ya)

Stop by and say hi and let's be friends!!!


tracey said...

OMG, it does take a long time to network - I've been trying to do the same and thinking the same thing. It's like a full time job just trying to network, hopefully it will pay in the long run. Good luck - with your weigh in too, I'm not in a challenge but I'm with WW and I weigh in tomorrow.

~alison said...

I knoW! It is crazy all the networking we do and yet ...does anything come from it?? I have yet to see...I am ONLY on facebook and myspace and of course blogging...I don't think I can add anymore. I am tired just thinking about it.

Chucka Stone Designs said...

It amazes me constantly how much of our time as artists is spent also being sales people, marketing miracle workers, charmers, chatters and generally friends like you said. it is so much fun to meet people though I wouldn't have it any other way :) For me I had to start doing my networking just a couple days a week (I only blog about once every 5 days or so) and spend the rest of the time actually doing my craft because i was starting to feel like nothing was getting done. Happy medium in shameless self promotion :)

I'm adding you as a friend in Myspace now! catch you around Etsy too :)

~ Jenn ~